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An Unexpected Flush of Roses

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Where did the Indian Summer go? The weekend was a joy and the warmth in the sun gave our roses a new lease of life. We picked over 2000 on Saturday and with the heavy dew and the sun coming up the cobwebs looked amazing.

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The bountiful and unexpected crop of roses has given The Real Flower Company a great start to the week and our florists have been producing inspirational Autumn bouquets filled with seasonal scent and colour.




Hydrangea Paniculata

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Most gardens have a slight air of despondency about them at the moment, perhaps not dissimilar to their owners, with both feeling washed out and lacking sunshine and many plants suffering from Botrytis or Mildew. Normally our roses would be gallantly showing off their second summer flush and yes they are in the tunnels but my garden roses are shy to say the least and can one blame them? Upbeat talk of an Indian summer seems to have faded and everything needs a lift. Enter Hydrangea Paniculata, which has been quietly sitting throughout the summer displaying bright lime green leaves and flower buds, suddenly taking centre stage in a flamboyant mass of frothy clouds of ivory blush florets along arching stems, reminding one of an exotic fountain and giving our gardens just what’s required after this miserable summer. The beauty and drama of these flowers is amazing and all the more pleasing because of their incrediby long flowering period. Just now they are at their peak but even as they fade they will take on a wonderful antique hue which is just as dramatic as their initial burst. They are probably the most bought plant from Rosebie Morton flowers at this time of the year and our florists at The Real Flower Company are incorporating them into their beautiful seasonal bouquets such as the Ivory Garden Roses with Blackberries.
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