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The Rose Interval

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Despite the torrential rain we have had over the weekend, (it always starts when the combine harvester begins its manoeuvres), the roses in the garden have held up well, supported by Salvias, Sweet Peas, Allium seed heads and Monardas. I can never face cutting Allium heads down because they look so beautiful, however I shall regret it in the spring when I have a thick mass of chive-like foliage throughout the garden. I have finally given the roses a second much deserved feed and they are all showing signs of an imminent second flush but like a stage performance, while the curtain is down I am relying on Salvia Nemerosa Caradonna and Monarda Squaw to keep the show going and anyone who has been on a Rosebie Morton day will remember me banging on about the importance of later summer colour. So whilst the roses are having a pause for thought, I can celebrate other plants, the unsung heroes of the garden.

Blog 27-7-15b

Whiter Shade of Pale – even after two inches of rain!

Blog 27-7-15a

Chris Beardshaw – also having survived the deluge.